Whats in our food

Lets start with our pizza dough.

We make our dough fresh daily. With only a few ingredients.






Poseidons pizza company
Poseidons pizza company

Whats in our pizza sauce.

Again, we make this fresh daily.

We use.

-Vine ripens fresh tomatoes

-Our homemade super secret blend of seasoning

Our cheese.

This is my favorite part. We shred 100% mozzarella cheese everyday.


So you'll never have to worry about the added chemicals other company's use to keep their pre shredded cheese from clunking together.

Side note: We are the only pizza restaurant to shred our own cheese in NKY.

Poseidons Pizza Company
Poseidons Pizza Company


Ive worked in a lot of restaurants. Most of them chop or dice their own veggies.

But one thing 85% of them never did. Was WASH the veggies before cutting them up... Again no need to panic. We wash all of our veggies before chopping / dicing them up! 

Extra info.

We are peanut and tree nut free. When it comes to cross contamination, Don't worry were pro's. Not sure what that is click here. We also make our ranch in house daily. We follow all of the Northern Kentucky Health Departments rules. Click here to see all the NKY health Department scores in Boone County. Or click here to see all the NKY health department scores of Kenton County.